Tuesday, May 14, 2013


^^^ My long-term sub texted me these images of my student's work. ^^^
Every year, Yew Dell Gardens invites the three high schools in our county
to create an outdoor sculpture for their annual sculpture show.
It is quite the honor considering the high-profile regional artists
that also are selected to show at this juried event.
I have created a lesson plan for my 3D students
that mimics the real-world experience of pitching a proposal to a 
group of judges in hopes of having their piece selected for the show.
The class is divided into groups, and they each propose an installation for the show.
The two pieces above were the ones selected by each 3D section
 and were collaboratively created by the whole class.
Then, the whole art department (over 15 classes) voted on which sculpture 
they wanted to represent our school at Yew Dell.
Boundless Beauty {right} was the winner from this year!
I am so proud of my students and I'm thankful for my wonderful sub
who gladly took on this rather daring project.

^^^ GG not bundled up on our walk. ^^^
I am so thankful the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising.

^^^ Remember how I told you my momma is the best!? ^^^
Well, here is some more of her handy work.
 While I was inside with GG last week,
she took it upon herself to garden in our front yard.
She has such a green thumb and quite a generous heart.
That combo = pretty gardens for me!

^^^ Last Wednesday, we had a newborn photo shoot with the ever-so-talented Jenna. ^^^
Before Jenna arrived though, Al and I couldn't help 
but snag some pics of our little girl with her sweet little bow on top of her head.
Al took this pic with his phone and it totally cracks me up.
She looks so glamorous with all her faux fur and lace 
and then she put up her dukes.
She looks pretty feisty...
glad those terrible two's aren't around the corner for us just yet.

^^^ Our first family portrait. ^^^
We might have taken one in the hospital but I don't remember.
Either way, I can promise the one in the hospital is for our eyes only 
and this version is way cuter.
So, let's just say this is our first family portrait and leave it at that! ;)

^^^ Jenna always sends the best teasers. ^^^
Seriously, she is so good!!
This image definitely put tears in my eyes when I saw it.
We can not wait to see the rest of GG's photos
taken by this talented gal. 

^^^ Playing peek-a-boo with Macklin. ^^^
He is such a cutie-pa-tootie!!

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