Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekly Scrapbook

^^^ I'm pretty much obsessed with taking photos of GG in the middle of the night, ^^^
after her late night/early morning feeding.
That blue gingham is the guest bedroom's corner chair 
that has quickly become my nursing station.

^^^ Ugh, yeah... this happened this week.^^^
GG and I got stuck in a torrential downpour while on a walk around the neighborhood.
Everything was fine and dandy for the start of our walk but
when we were about a mile away from home we heard the first {of many} thunderous booms.
It progressively got worse during the 20 minutes it took us to walk home {sans umbrella, obvi}.
Thankfully GG didn't mind getting DRENCHED and slept through most of it.
I sent both of the above pictures to Al once we made it safely to our driveway
which of course is when the storm broke and the sun came out. 
#FML  :)

^^^ GG in her first outfit. ^^^
Greta wanted to get all dressed up for cousin Eli's birthday party.
It's a newborn getup and the top is a little bit big but look at how short those leggings are!
Ha, she sure didn't get those long legs from me!

^^^ And, we are attached to our paci now. ^^^
Al and I decided to give GG a paci when she was 2 weeks
because she was eating well and 
just seemed to be getting upset despite having a clean diaper and plenty of milk in her belly.
We are trying to use it sparingly because we certainly don't want it to become a sleep crutch
but it looks like she might be getting addicted.
She loves that Soothie!

^^^ We were so excited to receive this pillow cover in the mail!^^^

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