Sunday, May 26, 2013

Monthly Checkup

Month 1

^^^ The first time I laid eyes on you -- the most amazing moment of my life.^^^

^^^ And this is what I saw -- the most beautiful being in the whole world. ^^^
{Yes, I know... she probably doesn't look beautiful to you but she sure does to me!}

^^^ Our first family portrait ^^^

^^^ With Dr. Miller, the doctor who delivered our GG ^^^

^^^ Our first Roo Roo time ^^^

Week 1 was spent mostly in the hospital   
Mama stayed in the hospital for 5 days due to a nasty spinal headache.
 Daddy was a CHAMP of a husband and father as he took great care of you when I could not
{which totally broke my heart and was the source of many frustrated tears.}

 Once we got home, both Daddy and I sort of freaked out.
We both wanted everything to be perfect 
but our planning prior to your arrival was not as perfect as we had thought.
For example, Mama couldn't nurse you in your rocker 
because she had a C-section and that hurt her belly much too bad.
And, all the clothes we had for you were way too big since you were such an itty bitty little bean.
But you didn't let us worry about that for long because at your one week checkup with Dr. Pearson
you had already surpassed your birth weight by 3 ounces!
He was mighty impressed and we were all very proud of you.
Since you were obviously eating just fine,
Dr. Pearson told us we could let you sleep as long as you would like at night without waking you up to nurse.
 You so sweetly gave mama two 6 hour stretches shortly after heeding the doc's advice.

^^^ Meeting Macklin, Aunt Crystal, and Uncle Brett ^^^

^^^ Riding in the stroller ^^^

Week 2 we had visitors out the wazoo.
Everyone was anxious to see you, and once they did, they couldn't take their eyes off of you.
 Everyone oohhed and ahhed over you.
The most common phrase we heard from almost every visitor was "she is so little!"

You spent most of your time sleeping that week
but you did experience a little growth spurt  
which made you spend most of your time eating for a few days.
 You met your cousin Macklin and his little bro, "Peanut," who was still in Aunt Crystal's belly.
Daddy went back to work and that stunk real bad
because he missed you SO SO much
and we missed him real bad too.
Momma Gigi came and stayed with us for a few days to help with the transition.
We spent most of our time indoors but we did make an effort to go for a short walk everyday
which you totally loved.

^^^ Tummy Time ^^^

Week 3 we continued to have lots of loved ones drop in but things started to calm down.
You were still eating and sleeping like a champ.
And you lost your umbilical cord!
We started attempting some "tummy time" which you didn't mind too much
mostly because your little froggy legs supported the majority of your weight
and didn't allow for much  time on your tummy.
 You had your first major pee and poo sans diaper in the middle of the night
which made mama laugh hysterically as she wasted three diapers trying to prevent
human waste from spraying everywhere.
 We went to see Dr. Pearson again and
he was again impressed by the pound and 6.5 ounces you gained since birth.
And we were all wowed by the two inches you grew --
 the nurse even measured you twice because she was in such disbelief!
 We introduced you to your pacifier the previous week but you became super attached this week.
Mama took you on longer walks and you still enjoyed them very much.
 While your sleep pattern was still unpredictable, you did give mama a 7 hour stretch one night
which felt like a gift from heaven above.

^^^ With Eli at his 1st birthday party ^^^

^^^ GG's first bath ^^^

Week 4  you met your cousin Eli at his first birthday party.
Lots of people took turns holding you, and despite your impressive growth spurt,
we still heard all about how small you were.
 You became much more alert this week
and liked to stare at the light, no matter what room you were in.
You grew out of your newborn diapers
 and finally started to fill out your newborn onesies perfectly.

Daddy went on his first overnight business trip which was hard on everyone,
but we all survived.
You loved going on long walks in Cherokee park while he was away
and you got a little bit better at tummy time each day.
When Daddy got home we gave you your first bath.
I know... it's kind of gross to think you went a whole month without being bathed
but it seemed like such a monumental step that we kept pushing it off.

Sweet girl,
you are the love of our lives and we are so thankful for this past month with you.

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Blair said...

Such a blessing that little Greta is! Love her!!