Tuesday, June 11, 2013


but I'm feeling...


Today is my birthday and,
 to be honest,
I couldn't care less.

It's absolutely true what they say about having a child
and how it completely transforms your perspective on life.
I've never been the everyone has to celebrate ME, ME, ME type
but I'll admit that in the past I've premeditated plans
I would like to occur on my day o' birth.
I've made lists of gifts I wished to receive
 and doled those lists out accordingly.
But this year is really different.

{I did, however, request this for dinner!}

I don't know if I will always not care about my birthday
or if I am just apathetic this year because I still feel like it is April.
{Seriously, where did May go?!}
Either way, the absolute best gift in the whole world is having my babe, GG.
She has rocked my world in the best way possible 
and today I am thanking the Lord for blessing me with this sweet child
and giving me the greatest gift of all.

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