Thursday, June 13, 2013

Scrapbook: Birthday Edition

^^^ GG got all dolled up ^^^
 to celebrate my birthday at home Monday night.

^^^ We made avocado hummus ^^^
which was super easy and delicious.
You can find the recipe here.

^^^ I requested the above: ^^^
Brie, Dark Choclate, Strawberry Panini
for my birthday dinner.
It was all kinds of yummy,
although, I would like to play around with the
cheese to chocolate ratio if ever I were to make this again.
We might have gotten a little out of hand with the chocolate
and not excited enough about the cheese.

^^^ Our new living room chair ^^^
with some very thoughtful goodies from Al.

^^^ On Tuesday, my actual birthday, ^^^
I had the pleasure of coming home to these.

^^^ Baby girl got all dressed up again for me.^^^

^^^ And, we lunched with the ladies ^^^

^^^ Where I enjoyed a HUGE slice of strawberry cake. ^^^
It was amazing!

^^^ GG had a wardrobe change ^^^
{due to a spit up accident during the day},
before we left for my dad's for a birthday dinner.
Of course, I forgot to take pictures but 
the food was yummy and the company was superb
 as it always is.

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