Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Awkward & Awesome

Awkward :

Finally being able to button my 
{loosest fitting} pre-pregnancy denim shorts,
and confidently walking out the door to my favorite place, Target {duh},
only to bend over and rip those bad boys right up the ass.
Yup, confidence shot.
Those shorts went from being my favorites to in the trash 
 in just a matter of a few short hours.


Venturing to the mall for the first time with GG in tow
and heading straight to Von Maur because they have a reputation
for having a wonderful area for nursing mothers,
only to be so overwhelmed by our little field trip
that I missed the door for the actual "Mother's Room"
and plopped my nursing self in the 
{open to the whole department store} "Women's Lounge" instead.
After receiving many confused/concerned/dirty looks from fellow female shoppers,
I noticed from my seat in the corner:

So, in between GG's first and second course,
I packed myself up 
and moved right into the appropriate spot.
It's a super nice room and now that I have been there,
I can totes give you directions if you need them ;).

Awesome :

Getting a massage exactly 6 weeks postpartum.
Oh, my shoulders have never felt such sweet relief!
And while I know it might not sound amazing,
 an elbow to the glutes can be magical.


Now that I am cleared to exercise,
GG and I took BOB for a well-intentioned jog
 that turned out to mostly be a fast-paced walk
{or a wog, if you will}, 
and while I was huffing and puffing my way up a hill,
this random lady started cheering me on.
It seriously made my day and for that moment I didn't cave into the 
overwhelming sensation to just give up and sit my ass on the hot pavement.
I mean it's hard to give up when you have your personal cheerleader.
I wonder how much she would charge 
if I hired her to follow me around the park on my future morning wogs?

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