Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Currently Coveting...

...a c-shaped table!

I spend a lot of time on our laptop.
I wish I could tell you it was for important matters
 but, mostly, it is not.
I like to blog, I like to read blogs, I like to watch Hulu & Netflix,
I like to google every hypochondriac symptom I might be experiencing at the moment,
and I like to shop on the web.
I just like the internet.
Plain & simple.
{In my defense we do not have cable, 
so the computer serves as my main entertainment-squeeze.}

However, I do NOT like how damnhot our laptop gets 
after using it for even 20 minutes,
not to mention that it feels like it is literally on fire in my lap
 after using it throughout the day.

Hence, my current coveting of the lovely C-shaped table.
This table would allow me to continue in my hopeless addiction to the internet
while nestled into my favorite corner of our couch
without worry that our laptop might spontaneously erupt with molten lava
or at least without the scorched burn marks on my thighs
that expose me for the addict that I am.

Crate & Barrel


*All images found on Pinterest*

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