Saturday, June 1, 2013


^^^ Another middle-of-the-nighter.^^^
I just cant help myself.

^^^ The sweetest homemade gift for GG ^^^
from one of Al's co-workers' wife.

^^^ Our first trip to Trader Joe's with GG ^^^
and our first time using the Bjorn.
I most definitely recommend the BB carrier!!
It was easy to put GG in, 
it felt super secure the whole time I was shopping,
it was obvi comfortable for GG,
plus, it left me hands free and kept {strangers} hands off.


^^^ Celebrating Shea-Bug's 7th birthday at Al's gma's.^^^
She is 7 going on 17, that girl.
She stole my phone and didn't want to give it back.
She even begged to trade me the birthday gift we gave her for it.
The whole time we were with her she was either ninja slicing fruit, listening to Pandora,
temple running, or taking selfies.


 ^^^ My cousin, Ethan, created a glass toaster ^^^
for his capstone project at Collegiate High.
Such a brilliant idea... 
don't you always wonder when your toast is done?

^^^ GG is finally big enough to fit in her newborn outfits, ^^^
so I have been fitting her up!

^^^ On our most recent walks, ^^^
we have stopped to smell the roses
and to ask the turtle where he was going.

^^^ And, last night we celebrated E's high school graduation. ^^^
Everyone asked if {or assumed} I had coordinated our outfits.
While I am certainly not above doing so,
I like to refer to what is displayed above as a "happy accident"!

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