Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monthly Checkup

Month 2

This month we have watched you grow and grow.
You are still fitting in your newborn outfits but they are getting pretty snug.
Your legs seem to grow an inch every morning
and your mama is sure glad you aren't still in her tummy 
because there is no way you'd fit.

Daddy went on his second business trip to Kansas City.
It was easier than the first, 
but still no fun at all.

Mommy has been taking you out and about much more these days.
You've been grocery shopping and clothes shopping,
you've been to graduations and showers,
you've been to restaurants and friends' houses,
you've been to Frankfort and Oldham County.

You started sleeping through the night at exactly 6 weeks,
usually blessing your us with 6-7 hours of sleep.
And this one time you even slept for 9 hours!
Oh, that was a glorious night.
We have started a nighttime routine
filled with books and kisses.

You have started laughing more and 
cooing and caaing.
You are figuring out your tongue, 
sticking it out any chance you can get.
And you are learning about your arms and fingers, too.

This month has been a lot of fun, GG!
We love you so.

^^^ awkward family photo ^^^

^^^ Can you believe it's been two months already? ^^^
No, can you!?