Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Honest Truth

I buy generics.... 
more often than not,
if I am being completely honest.

Call me reasonable, economical, frugal, or cheap, 
I just can't help myself but to seek out a good deal.
I've never been too attached to labels,
so buying generics isn't too much of a stretch for me
but I do appreciate good quality.

Through all my bargain hunting, 
I have found myself seriously swooning for Suave.

First, their professionals line is great!
I personally use their Moroccan Infusion products 
and couldn't be happier.

Then, there is the dry shampoo
which really comes in handy these days of 
not-knowing-if-I-will-have-time-to-shower-today or
I can only imagine this will be my best friend when I return to work.

I am also a fan of this sleek styling cream.
It is perfect for my uber-poufy hair.
I usually put it on my hair when it's dry
 to tame some of the frizz.

But, my most favorite Suave product is 
the 24-hour protection deodorant.
This puppy lasts, man.
And, I tell you what, new mommy hormones are no joke.
{I thought my body odor was bad before. Whew.}
Sometimes, I am annoyed with how well this deodorant stays on
because I have to scrub scrub scrub to get it off in the shower.

Anyway, that's my confession today.
I'm cheap and I'm not sorry about it
because Suave is great.

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