Thursday, July 11, 2013

Awkward & Awesome


With my new dietary restrictions,
I am practically a meat-eating vegan.
Oxymoron much?

I stumbled upon this little gem of a website.
While it is most certainly awkward,
I think it's pretty darn awesome as well.
It would have come in real handy when I was a teenager of my single father
and had to sneakily write on my his grocery list
my monthly needs
and would have saved him the embarrassment of the awkward hand-off 
upon his return from the store.
{It usually involved a non-verbal, non-contact 
drop off on the bathroom counter.}


^^^ This happened. ^^^
GG's first pedi.

^^^ And, this happened. ^^^
Yup, I got pulled over driving to Richmond.
I about pooed my pants
but somehow, someway this very nice policeman
let me off with a warning.

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Blair said...

Love her little piggies!! So cute!