Tuesday, July 30, 2013

French Lick

^^^ This past weekend, my family celebrated many occasions ^^^
{Mimi's 80th birthday, my brother's 30th, my aunt's retirement, 
my cousin's graduation, and the birth of Greta}
at the beautiful French Lick resort.

^^^ Our ginormous room was ^^^
complete with TWO bathroom sinks.
I was in heaven, y'all.
Not having to share a bathroom sink felt like such a luxury.

That, and the "Sonic" ice maker that made this ah-mazing pellet ice:
^^^ It's the little things, you know!? ^^^

^^^ GG showing Sophie how to get her groove on. ^^^

^^^ Playing tennis with Al was going great ^^^
until I told him he was a little rusty --
then, out of nowhere, he brought his A game,
and straight up shut me down on the court.

^^^ Papa P with baby GG ^^^
lounging poolside.

^^^ Look at that momma go! ^^^
Crystal is due in late September with another little boy.
She juggled two like a veteran.
Isn't she just the most beautiful momma-to-be?!

^^^ Macklin figuring out how to work his new golf clubs. ^^^

^^^ The whole crew at Hagen's restaurant Thursday evening. ^^^ 

^^^ In case you didn't noticed, ^^^
we stuck with a blue color scheme for our family portrait this year.
Thanks to my cousin, Brookie, for the coordination of it all.
She's got an eye for those sorts of things.

^^^ Celebrating the birthday girl. ^^^

^^^ GG in her Lilly bathing suit c/o Brookie ^^^

^^^ Greta got a little nervous when we told her we were going swimming. ^^^

^^^ But she did great in the water. ^^^

^^^ Cutest momma award goes to this lady right here. ^^^
Seriously, could these two three be any cuter?!

^^^ Poolside snuggles from cousins Cara & Brooke ^^^

^^^ After her first "swim,"^^^
GG took to the life of luxury pretty easily
and lounged with the best of them.

^^^ Macklin & Andy ^^^

^^^ GG & Aunt Crystal ^^^

^^^ Posing in the lobby before dinner Friday evening. ^^^

^^^ GG saying her mealtime prayers. ^^^

^^^ The whole gang before we enjoyed a lovely meal at the hotel restaurant, 1875.^^^

^^^ Love this lady. ^^^
Crystal has been such a positive role model in my life.
She lives life with a humble confidence, amazing grace, sweet generosity,
and tops it all off with a sense of humor that can leave you blushing and laughing for days.

^^^ We tried. ^^^
But, seriously... this was the best shot.

^^^ Alex "reading" the menu to Macklin ^^^

^^^ Alex, GG, and I explored the grounds of West Baden. ^^^
The gardens are truly beautiful.
We marveled at the fact that people used to travel from all over
to sit in these springs of warm water that smelled like poo {sulphur}.
My, how times have changed.

^^^ Saturday, Mimi and I went to afternoon tea at West Baden ^^^
while the others boated on Lake Patoka.
I cherished the one-on-one time with my beautiful gma.
She is the sweetest lady around.

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