Wednesday, July 31, 2013

French Lick {Part Two}

I promise not to drag this out too much longer
but I just discovered more pictures from our weekend across the state border.

This is really more of a photo dump,
so please excuse me while I unload.

^^^ GG & "Peanut" just chillin' with Crystal ^^^

 ^^^ Walking around French Lick Resort ^^^

^^^ Pool time ^^^

^^^ Cara is such a natural with GG ^^^

^^^ Exploring West Baden ^^^

^^^ Pics Alex sent from the boat.^^^
Macklin had to borrow a pink life vest.
Isn't it just darling?

^^^ Dancing in the lobby ^^^

^^^ Fresh to death ^^^

^^^ Lounging with Uncle David ^^^

^^^ Sunday's sendoff ^^^

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