Monday, July 1, 2013

Pimp My Ride: Carseat Edition

Pimp My Ride (TV series 2004)
^^^ Remember this gem of a show? ^^^

Maybe it was my recent hearing of this song on the radio
that took me back 
or maybe not...

Either way, 
while adding completely unnecessary accessories 
to Greta's carseat I couldn't help but wonder,
What would Xxhibit do?

^^^ So far, we have the Sassy Bugs ^^^
attached to the handle
to give GG some friends to ignore,
which she does quite nicely.

^^^ Then we've got the Booginhead pacifier clip ^^^
attached to the actual shoulder strap
of the seat belt
so we are never without one's paci.
{I've made that mistake two too many times.}

^^^ And lastly, we've added a nice ventilation system to her carseat ^^^
by hooking two portable fans onto the canopy.
Now, all GG needs is a cocktail and a magazine
and she will think she has her own private little cabana.

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