Tuesday, July 2, 2013


We have been busy lately celebrating all sorts of life events.

^^^ Sprinkling Holly & Baby Luke ^^^
Holly is one of the many teachers at NHS
expecting a little this fall.
We have had a little bit of a baby boom at school.

^^^ Celebrating Amanda's 30th birthday ^^^
and Kelly's last night in Louisville.
{Kelly is moving to Richmond, VA... tears, many tears.}

^^^ Kenny & Lizzie's rehearsal dinner. ^^^
Kenny has been one of Alex's best friends since high school.
After the dinner at Porcini's,
we had a drink at the super hip Garage Bar.

^^^ Ballard boys of 2002 ^^^
showing some love to our Greta Grace.

^^^ My wedding updo. ^^^
I followed this tutorial found on Pinterest.
It was super easy and 
I was cracking up doing the topsy tail -
I felt eight again!

^^^ All dressed up for the wedding. ^^^
Greta attended the ceremony with me
and then my cousin, Shayne, babysat at our home during the reception.

^^^ The reception decor was absolutely STUNNING. ^^^

^^^ The beautiful bride serenading her groom with a little T. Swift. ^^^

^^^ Sunday afternoon we finally caught a game of Lair in the park. ^^^
At one point, one of the players had lost his legs and was fighting from his knees.
It was awesome!

^^^ GG's new shoes. ^^^
I got them for a song.
I mean, seriously, who can resist purple riding boots for a 2 year old?
Not this girl.

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