Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This past weekend we went on two field trips: 
Friday, GG and I went to Huber's Orchard & Vineyard
in Starlight, Indiana with some friends
for a day of berry picking.
Saturday, we jammed out at a local music festival


^^^ Future besties, Hallie and Greta, meeting for the first time. ^^^
Hallie totally loved GG's pedi.

^^^ The girls (& Henry) and I at Huber's Orchard. ^^^

^^^ It was an absolutely gorgeous day for picking berries. ^^^
These pictures were taken on the tractor ride out to the berry patches.

^^^ GG's first tractor ride. ^^^
{She is cropped out of the picture (obvi) but she is in the Bjorn.}


^^^ Pickin' those berries. ^^^
Is there anything cuter than H & H picking berries together?

^^^ GG wanted to be like the big kids. ^^^
As my sister-in-law referred to her, she is our "slumbering strawberry." 

^^^ Taking a lunch break. ^^^

^^^ Even though we didn't pick peaches, ^^^
I couldn't leave without a basket full. 

^^^ On the way home, Hallie & GG held hands. ^^^
It was so precious, my heart almost exploded.


^^^ One of Alex's best friends from Wake ^^^
drove up from Atlanta to attend the music festival with us.
Before heading downtown to slap the bass {I Love You, Man reference},
 we played in the park near our house.

^^^ GG totally rocked out at Forecastle,^^^
and by "rocked out" I mean slept through.

^^^ She brought her besties with her ^^^
whom we have since name, Shelby, Lady, and Zany,
and of course requested that her chariot be air conditioned.
So, we obliged.

^^^ Listening to Foxygen. ^^^

^^^ We had just unpacked the stroller ^^^
when they announced over the intercom that everyone was to evacuate
the park due to an impending storm.

^^^ So, we headed to Game for a quick bite to eat ^^^
while the storm rolled through.
Just as we ordered our food
we got word that they reopened the doors to Forecastle.
We munched quickly and headed back as soon as we could.

^^^ Entertaining ourselves while we waited for Alabama Shakes to take the stage. ^^^

^^^ Jamming to the Alabama Shakes, ^^^
my favorite concert of the evening.

^^^ Although, GG slept through most of the festival ^^^
I decided to take her home around 8:30.
I might not know much, but one thing I have learned real fast as a mama
is to respect a baby's nighttime ritual.
I had her {and me} fed and in bed by 9:30.

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