Thursday, July 18, 2013

Awkward & Awesome


It happened again,
and this time I took Alex down with me.

Yup, we got caught in another rain storm
while out on a leisurely stroll in the neighborhood.
Even though as a result of our last misfortune in the downpouring rain
we bought an umbrella and put it in the stroller for any similar occasion in the future,
I had of course taken the umbrella out when we attended Forecastle
because it was on the "do not bring" list.
So, yeah we got stuck in the rain again.
To make matters worse,
this all happened about 30 minutes before GG needed to nurse,
so running in my "sleeping bra" required whole handed boob holding.
It was a sight to see I tell ya.


^^^ Allergy-free chocolate chips. ^^^
These little guys have brought me much sanity
these past two weeks as I navigate through this journey of dietary restrictions.

^^^ Speaking of food, ^^^
my new favorite snack is this combo.
Trader Joe's Sea Salt Potato Chips &
Snyder's Waffle Pretzels.
{All soy, dairy, & corn free -- you'd be surprised how hard it is to find that combo.}

1 comment:

Jeff Perellis said...

Wow. 2 times in the rain! Phyllis and I got caught Saturday evening and we were soaked - it was kinda fun.