Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Awkward & Awesome


School starts back a week from today.
I have returned to the schoolhouse officially twice this summer
and both times I have left boo hoo-ing like a crazy person.
To say I am not ready is a vast understatement.

Can you imagine what next Tuesday is going to be like 
for the poor students in my first period class?
Oh, Lord have mercy on their souls!
Things are going to get awkward when this lady starts
grabbing the tissues during roll call.


This little playsuit from BabyGap is not only adorable, it is clever too!

^^^ I absolutely love how this romper is full-length. ^^^
{Clearly, GG does too!}

^^^ But, that's a lot of snaps!^^^

^^^ BabyGap is just two snaps ahead of you ^^^
{see what I did there?},
and made the middle snap gold and left the others silver.
Brilliant! Just brilliant!

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