Sunday, August 11, 2013


I thought I would be daring and post my first outfit post.
{Please be kind in your judgment of me.}

 I love fancy-schmancy fashion.
You know, the kind that only celebrities wear 
because they are the only ones that can afford that shit.
I love the textures, the color combinations, the creativity, and the styling.
To me, fashion is just an extension of art.
In the words of Blair Waldorf,
"Fashion is art, and culture, and history...
and everything I love combined."

With that being said,
I am totally lacking in the personal style department.
I have no idea what "my style" is and 
tend to fall for every trend that looks good in a magazine.
Much too often I buy something from Target or Forever21, 
wear it once, feel like a dummy, and then never wear it again.

So, I am putting my Pinterest board to work and actually using it as my personal style inspiration.
This is just an experiment and if I look like a fool then laugh along with me.
Hopefully, it will help build some confidence in my already existing wardrobe
 and keep me from trend hopping 
and feeling like the ol' cliched girl with a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear.

Here is my pinspiration:

Here is my take:

I think I am going to wear this to work this week, sans the clutch. 
Turns out you don't really need a purse while teaching art. 
Go figure?!
{Please tell me I am not the only one who plans out their weekly outfits the weekend before. 
It just makes the mornings go so much smoother.}

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