Friday, August 9, 2013


^^^ Impressive: GG looks pretty good with a blonde bowl butt-cut ^^^

^^^ GG's first baseball game ^^^
included some rain but that didn't stop her.
Oh no, she kept on cheering for that home team inside her makeshift fort.

^^^ Guess WHOO? ^^^
We are trying to get better about bathing our child.
 I still get so nervous with water around her.
I think they told me in the hospital, or I read it somewhere shortly after she was born,
that babies can drown in an inch of water.
For some reason, that has really psyched me out.
However, babies get dirty.
Between poop explosions and spit-up,
we really do need to wash her more.
Our new goal is to give her a bath twice a week,
and that's a pretty lofty goal for us.
I know, we are disgusting.

^^^ Sleeping beauty in her neon lemon print. ^^^

^^^ Just a little kettle bell workout to start the morning off right. ^^^
You didn't think she was just born with those baby muscles, did you?

^^^ Lounging. ^^^

^^^ Bumbo time is getting jollier and jollier. ^^^

^^^ My most recent chocolate-covered experiments. ^^^

On the left, we have a layer of melted chocolate/coconut oil mixture,
a layer of melted peanut butter, 
another layer of melted chocolate/coconut oil,
{Alex added this nice touch ---->} topped with a dash of sea salt.
D I V I N E .

On the right, we have granola at the top 
and macadamia nuts + dried berries on the bottom.
Not a fan of the granola,
but, man-oh-man, did I strike gold with the macadamia nut + berry combo!

^^^ On our way to church, ^^^
our little daddy's girl 
being just that.

^^^ I know I have said it before on this here blog, ^^^
but holding Greta during the worship part of our church service
brings the most joy to my little heart.
I have yet to make it through a Sunday without happy tears.

^^^ Greta sat on Alex's lap during the service. ^^^
How sweet is her little hand on his?
Heart melted.

^^^ I finally made it to our local UO. ^^^
I think it has been open for a year or so now but 
somehow I still hadn't ventured there yet. 
It was eh.
I don't really think their clothes are meant for women who have had babies,
if you know what I mean.

^^^ GG taking her paci pretty seriously. ^^^
She has really started to grip things,
one of which being her paci.
It's pretty hilarious when she pulls it right out of her mouth 
without realizing what she has done.
She looks so confused with her mouth still sucking
but her paci in her hand far, far away from her mouth.

^^^ Oh, and we had our first 1/2 roll. ^^^
I am sure you don't care too much,
but I was pretty stoked.

^^^ Evening snuggles with Daddy are THE best! ^^^

^^^ Just in case we wanted to steal her ear while she napped, ^^^
Greta held on tight. 

^^^ ERR-MERR-GERD ^^^^
We have BABY FUZZ!
^^^ She doesn't have much, ^^^
but the little baby hair she does have sticks straight up
and I absolutely LOVE it.

^^^ Nothing's better than some nakey tummy time. ^^^

^^^ That's all for now. ^^^

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