Saturday, August 3, 2013


^^^ Someone can't get enough knuckle sandwiches these days. ^^^

^^^ Apparently, her dad can't either! ^^^
 I sent those photos to Al at work and this is what he sent back. 
Funny, that man is.

^^^ GG has been practicing sitting in the bumbo seat. ^^^
She is close to sitting in it comfortably but her darn head is just so heavy
she might need a few more lbs on her scrawny little body to hold 
her big noggin up for any substantial amount of time.

{Also, totally unrelated, but doesn't GG look like a boy without her headband? 
I mean, an adorable boy, but a boy nonetheless.
Hence, why a flower is always atop her head.}

^^^ Always loving on her Sophie. ^^^

^^^ I really could just stare at her all day long. ^^^
I am soaking in every second with this little one before returning to work.
My camera is going to explode from all the pictures I have been taking 
of her doing absolutely nothing.
Such is the life of a mom.

^^^ Earlier this week, ^^^
I just wasn't ready to face the day at our usual 8 o'clock hour.
GG and I spent the majority of the morning snuggling under the covers.

{Don't worry, I never left her side with the extra blankets on her.
I am well aware of the nothing, absolutely NOTHING, in the crib rule.}

^^^ GG giving me a fist pump of approval ^^^
while reading some of the Dr.

^^^ Greta's first official date. ^^^
She is robbing the cradle by two months with little Rowan here
but he is so cute, it ain't no thang.
The two talked, ate, and slept {in separate beds, of course} together.
It was darling.

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