Friday, August 30, 2013


^^^ Cody's new hiding spot. ^^^
I know you are disappointed,
but she said she is boycotting the blog
and her Messages from Cody-Bear.
Between you and me,
I think she is still trying to get over the fact
that we are not even sugar coating
that she is no longer our favorite child.

^^^ Alex made a mean batch of Yonana "ice cream" ^^^
the other night.
{Frozen Bananas + Frozen Blackberries + Frozen Chocolate Chips + Honey} 

^^^ Our latest Trader Joe's obsession! ^^^
My brother and sis-in-law got us hooked on these hybrids.
If you like plums, you will most certainly like the plumcot!

^^^ GG's crib away from home. ^^^
I don't know why but just having this picture on my phone
helps ease my anxiety throughout the day.
It's helpful to know exactly where she is napping
and envisioning her sleeping so peacefully in this crib.

^^^ I did a little craft project the other night. ^^^
Target had these magnetic alphabet letters in the kitchen section
and they were a total impulse buy.
I know Greta won't be playing with these for some time now,
but I decided to go ahead and spray paint them gold
after seeing the tutorial float around Pinterest for the 99th time.
{Also, we ordered StickyGrams of our Instagram photos.
We absolutely LOVE them!
If you use this code when ordering,
 you will receive $2.00 off your purchase:

^^^ My newest makeup adventure: LIPSTICK ^^^
I feel like such a grown up!
My favorite brand is NYX from Ulta.

^^^ Birthday buddies ^^^
As you may recall, Alex and GG have the same birthday.
But, Collier and Greta were born on the same day in the same hospital.
Alex went to college with Collier's parents
and I had the pleasure of meeting Collier's mama, Carol, for the first time
the day after GG was born.
Carol has been such an encouragement to me
as we have recovered from our c-sections together.
She has a way of explaining the recovery process
with brutal honesty but with gracious elegance as well.
She calls the c-section experience brutaful,
which truly sums it about up.

^^^ Collier getting a little "handsy" with GG ^^^
I sent a few of these pictures to Momma Gigi
and she notified GG's older cousin, Macklin,
of Collier gettin' fresh.
Apparently, Macklin would like to have a face-to-face
with Collier next time he is town.

^^^ Speaking of Momma Gigi... ^^^
She sent baby GG the most adorable outfit for next summer.
I can't even handle the open back!

^^^ My newest kitchen creation. ^^^
Scooped out cucumbers
with tuna and avocado.
It was ... eh.
I am not a huge fish person
but it sure did look pretty!

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