Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Student Work: Newspaper Shelters

Remember this project from last year?
Well, we had great success with it again this year!
3D art can be a little tricky to teach.
Especially in the beginning, when students enter
the classroom with various understandings and/or knowledge
 of the visual arts, and in particular 3D art.
Some students walk in comfortable taking risks and provoking their viewer
with wildly engaging compositions, but most are timid and unaware
that their choices as an artist greatly affect the way their peices are received by the audience.
One of my goals within the first month of school
is to level the playing field
by giving students shared experiences
with foundational projects that exemplify
the vocabulary specific to 3D art
and encourages them to take risks and think outside of the box.
This project is simple, yet yields amazing results.
The students are told they must create a sculpture that can house their group (of 3-4 students),
it must be made of only newspaper and tape,
and it must be visually interesting from all sides.
After creating their shelters,
we discuss which groups had more visually interesting shelters
and WHY.
It is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate what ACTIVATION OF SPACE, and
MOVEMENT look like in creatingVISUALLY INTERESTING sculptures.

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