Monday, August 26, 2013

Monthly Checkup


You are a crazy hoot these days.
Your infectious laugh makes each day better than the one before.
We tickle your neck with kisses every morning and every night
just to hear you squeal with absolute delight.
You have even started laughing in your sleep
which is hysterical to momma and dadda!
Alert and ready to play, you have become quite the little ham.
You have started to nuzzle your sweet little face
in mommy and daddy's chest when a stranger approaches you,
but quickly look back with wide eyes and the biggest of grins.
Gripping anything and everything is your newest trick.
You like to grip the bottom of your tops and show your belly to the world or
grip and pull mama's hair when it is near your face.
You have started rolling from your back to your side
and have successfully made it to your tummy a handful of times.
Your legs never stop kicking,
they are always on the move.
In fact, we think you might become an Irish jig dancer
 with how fast they can groove.
Sitting up in the Bumbo has become a part of your daily routine.
You are hardly without Sophie, the giraffe, or your pink paci
all the day long.
You started daycare at Vanguard Academy
and it has been going really well.
The only problem is you come home so tired
we have bumped up your bedtime to 8:00 instead of 9:00,
which means one less hour of cuddle time.


Sweet girl, you are so much fun!
Every single day we feel so blessed to have you as our daughter.
Happy 4 months!
We love you.

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