Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Awkward & Awesome


The massive amounts of hair falling out of my head.

Postpartum hair loss is no joke, y'all.
Like, we are talking major handfuls at a time,
multiple times a day.

Too many times to count, I have frantically tried to brush off what I thought was a bug 
{usually a spider in my mind} 
from my arms or back
to find that it is only, yet another strand of hair that has been discarded from my scalp.

Don't even get me started on the disgustingness that is the shower drain.
Let's just say, spending a few extra dimes on that suction cup plastic drain cover
was definitely a worthwhile investment.


While strolling through our neighborhood park,
Alex, GG, and I turned a corner to find the sweetest, most endearing moment
I have encountered in a long, long time.

A family of five {mom, dad, and three littles} were ahead of us
as we started down a hill.
Two of the littles were on bikes,
the other was in a stroller pushed by her mom.
The dad, mom, and babe were walking together slowly
while the other two pedaled ahead.

One of the littles on the bikes started going down the hill and lost control.
Her feet flew off the pedals and her legs stiffened 
in a perfect pike position as she accelerated quickly in her descent.
The other little, jumped off his bike at the sound of his little sister's scream,
and sprinted down the hill to catch her.
As he caught up with her,
he kept coaching her, reminding her that she was okay, 
until he could push his tiny little legs a bit harder to get in front of her bike and stop her.

My throat tightened and tears welled up in my eyes
as I witnessed this tremendous display of brotherly love.
When we passed his mother, who had tears streaming down her face,
we could see how proud she was of her little boy.
When we caught up to him,
his huge smile and puffed up chest 
revealed his own sense of pride in his act of bravery.

It was truly a sight to see.
It made me excited for my own family to grow 
and to witness moments of sacrificial sibling love between our littles in the future.

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