Saturday, September 28, 2013

Monthly Checkup


Oh, sweet girl,
what a fun month this has been!!

You have been brightening our days with your beautiful smile,
high-pitched squeals, and wandering melodies.

Nowadays, we don't hear as much about how small you are
but rather how big you have gotten.
You have more than doubled your birth weight,
at an estimated 14 pounds,
and you have grown over six inches.
You are still a skinny-minny but you are slowly transforming
 into a little butter ball, 
complete with soft belly dimples
and a few plump rolls on your thighs.

Your awareness has taken us by surprise!
You recognize mommy and daddy
when we walk in a room,
and melt our little hearts with your welcoming grin.

We started playing peek-a-boo with you
which cracks us up because you startle before you grin 
every time we "reappear".

We love to fly you high in the sky (at arms length, of course)
and watch you kick back your legs in a full pike position as you soar.

Slobber baths are your new thing.
We think teeth might be heading your way soon
by the massive amounts of drool that falls out of your mouth daily.

The funniest thing you have done this month is 
silently mimic the movement of our mouths as we talk. 
There is no sound to your muted motion
 but we can tell you are going to be a talker once you put it all together.
We can't wait, baby girl, we can't wait.

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