Tuesday, September 17, 2013


^^^ GG's September homework: ^^^
What we like to do during the fall season.

{Oh yes, GG might only be 4.5 months, but she already has homework.
We aren't paying daycare the big bucks for nothing, right?!!
As ridiculous as the idea of homework for a baby might be,
 it was actually fun to make this collage
 and think about all the events coming up this fall
 that will be so much sweeter now that GG is with us.}

^^^ Desperate times call for desperate measures. ^^^

With all the food allergies floating around our house these days,
meal planning is an essential part of our week.
We no longer have the luxury of just eating whatever whenever we want.
{Or at least I don't, but Al is a rockstar supportive husband and plays along.}
So, when a terrential downpour graced us with its presence
on the last evening before our weekly trek to the grocery store
and we had planned on grilling burgers that evening,
Al did what anyone would do....
He moved the grill from our uncovered patio
to the landing right outside our back door.
I mean, is that love or is that love? 
{thanks, babe!}

^^^ GG just thumbsucking away ^^^
on the way home from daycare.
She has been enjoying the knuckle sandwiches for a while now,
but the single opposable appendage is a newbie.

^^^ Little Miss Happy Pants ^^^

^^^ Farmer's market ^^^

^^^ Elton John impersonator ^^^

^^^ Our first fire of the season. ^^^
This is how I would like to spend every Friday night of the fall. 

^^^ A family that cheers together, stays together, right?!? ^^^
Let's go, CARDS!

^^^ Professor GG ^^^

{Can you even handle her? I can't! She is just too much.}

{Some images borrowed from Audrey's Facebook.}

^^^ We honored sweet Ruby Ann's 2nd birthday Saturday ^^^
with a little barnyard celebration.
It was a beautiful evening, 
and Audrey outdid herself with the decor.
GG was a little too small to ride on the ponies
but we enjoyed watching the big kids saddle up.

^^^ After RA's birthday party, ^^^
we headed to my aunt's for the Yom Kippur break the fast meal. 
GG was the main attraction in her matching denim getup. 

^^^ GG fell asleep in my arms Sunday afternoon. ^^^
My whole body was aching by the end of the hour,
but there was no way I was letting go of that baby girl.
Getting her out of my arms on the weekends
 is like prying a lollipop from a toddler's sticky hands.

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