Saturday, October 26, 2013

Monthly Checkup

Month 6

 Oh, silly girlfriend! 
This month's photo shoot took a wee bit longer
than the previous monthly checkups
because you are a moving and a shaking these days!
You had your momma cracking up at your flailings about.
You definitely inherited your mama's lack of rhythm.
Sorry, babe.

You are just starting to get the hang of this sitting up thing,
but still topple over quite suddenly and quite a lot.

When you aren't sleeping or toppling over in your attempt to sit up, 
then you are always moving something,
usually your right leg.
It goes thump, thump, thump all morning long 
while you rest in the rock'n'play 
and watch mommy and daddy get ready for work.

You get a big laugh out of seeing yourself in the mirror.
We never pass one without stopping to see the "pretty baby"
with whom you flirt.

As your pediatrician put it,
"You sure aren't the biggest baby on the block!"
Weighing in at only 14 lbs 4 oz, you are in the 19th percentile for your age.
However, at 26 inches long, you are in the 62nd percentile for height.
Despite being a petite one, 
we have moved you on up to size 3 diapers.
I have a feeling you will be in these for a while
but you were peeing right through your size 2s.

You are really starting to take in the world around you.
Oftentimes, I will look over at you silently observing your surroundings.
I love watching you watch others.
I can't wait to hear the fascinating thoughts 
that are swarming inside that pretty little head of yours.

You have started putting your paci in your mouth with about 45% accuracy.
You still can't quite figure out which side is the front and which is the back,
but you are getting there.
At least you are getting it to your mouth!
One step at a time.

You most definitely prefer daddy to burp you.
In fact, you have come to expect that he will
and start searching for him after each feeding.
When he reaches out for you,
you grin a daddy's girl grin that no one gets but him.
It only makes mommy a tad bit jealous.

You are still singing your pretty little songs
but have added some new {very high} notes to your off-pitch melodies.

We seriously love and adore you more and more each day.
I promise, baby, it doesn't seem possible to love you more than I do today,
but I just know tomorrow I will love you even more!

Happy 6 months, sweet girl.
We love you.

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