Friday, October 25, 2013

Boo at the Zoo

For Greta's first Halloween, 
we decided to go to the zoo for the self-proclaimed

It was freaking FREEZING,
but we bundled up and made the best of it.
The decorations were so creative and well-made.

We can't wait to make this an annual tradition
with the Norton clan.
How fun will it be to watch these babes grow up together!

^^^ Minnie Mouse was still feeling a little under the weather, ^^^
so I didn't put on her full costume. It was just too cold for all that nonsense.

^^^ Is E not the cutest little minion you ever did see? ^^^

^^^ Bet your bottom dollar on the little one in the blue checkers. ^^^

^^^ We go together like cavemen and dinosaurs. ^^^

Happy Halloween, y'all!!

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