Wednesday, October 23, 2013




GG just vommed ALL over me!

I am sure all you veteran moms out there feel as though this event does not
warrant a blog post and all you non-moms probably think the same,
but it was seriously unreal and it must be recorded. 

This morning we had a 4 hour follow-up appointment 
with the allergist where we discovered GG 
is also allergic to bananas, turkey, and pecans
{that's a whole other post for a whole other day}.

She was a little fussier than usual throughout the day
but, hey, I would be too if I had my back pricked a bajillion times
and had to take my nap in a freezing cold doctor's office.
So... I didn't think much of it.

Her fussiness continued into the evening,
but again I assumed it was due to her interrupted nap and eventful morning.
She didn't seem hungry at her usual 5:00PM feeding,
but again I didn't think much of it because sometimes that happens.

Alex and I were getting ready to go on a date to see Matt Nathanson
at Headliners and the in-laws were on their way.
We had just scarfed down some dinner
and I was playing with Grets on my lap.
She is becoming really good at sitting up on her own,
so I was applauding her extended sitting position
when out of nowhere, 
like seriously no warning at all,
a FOUNTAIN of vom flowed out of 
her mouth and down the front of my sweater.
It just kept coming.
It ran all down the front of me and pooled in my crotch.
Alex and I sat there stunned.

We were so caught off guard that we really didn't know what to do.
I started laughing hysterically, 
which in hindsight seems rather rude.
I mean, I always knew the day when come when our child would be sick,
but I assumed that there would be some warning.
I figured my mother's instinct would pick up on 
my baby feeling ill well before vomit appeared.
But that was so not the case.

We were all happy-go-lucky one second
and then covered in vomit the next.
When I stood up, vomit had puddled beneath me and on the couch 
{thank the good lord for slipcovers}
and it looked as though I had peed myself.

We tossed Greta in the bath,
where she acted as happy as could be,
took her temperature,
which was 98.2*,
and put her to bed.

Fingers crossed this was just a fluke tonight.
But, man oh man, 
that was nasty.

Needless to say,
we didn't make it to the concert.
Here's to hoping G feels better in the morning!

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