Thursday, October 24, 2013

Meeting Demps & Other Celebratory Things

My heart could burst 
with adoration and love
for my newest nephew,

On Friday, we headed up to the windy city,
well to be honest to a suburb just outside the windy city,
to be with my brother and his family of FOUR!
{They moved outside of Chicago the same weekend Greta was born,
and we haven't had a chance to travel north to see their house,
so this was not only the first time meeting Dempsey, 
but also the first time seeing their new house in person.}

^^^ GG bundled up to head north ^^^

^^^ Burp stop on the ride up ^^^

^^^ GG melting her momma's heart on our little road trip ^^^

^^^ In addition to celebrating my bro's new digs ^^^
and the birth of my new nephew,
we also celebrated my mom's 60th birthday!

^^^ Her birthday gift from me ^^^
was holding Dempsey first.
The baby hog in me was convulsing in selfishness
but being the loving and thoughtful daughter that I am, 
I lived with my sacrifice to make her the happiest in the whole world.

^^^ Meeting Demps for the first time ^^^
Oh, the joy!

^^^ Baby swap! ^^^

^^^ My bro and GG straight up chillin' with curious little Macklin at their feet.^^^

^^^ Macklin being a great helper; ^^^
GG absolutely petrified!

^^^ DK, the cutest kid on the block ^^^

^^^ Brothers ^^^

^^^ Macklin trying to squeeze that sweet tush in G's Bumbo seat ^^^

^^^ SMOOCHES from MR. MAGOO ^^^

^^^ Little Demps was WORN OUT all weekend long. ^^^
He couldn't hang with the big kids, but it's ok because he is the cutest!
I mean... look at those lips!

^^^ GG adores Macklin ^^^
Wherever he went, her eyes were sure to follow.
I can't wait to see them grow up together.

^^^ Nugget ^^^

^^^ Giddy up, Cowboy Mack! ^^^

^^^ Ready for a little family walk in the neighborhood ^^^

^^^ B & C have an amazing pool and killer playground in their neighborhood. ^^^
We will most definitely be returning next summer to check them out!

^^^ This boy had SO much fun at the park ^^^

^^^ GG had a good time too ^^^

^^^ This picture cracks me up! ^^^
Alex had just pulled the trigger on a helicopter-type toy
that went flying straight up in the air.
Alex is looking at the 'copter way up high,
while Macklin is in a mad dash to catch it ...
somewhere else.

^^^ D & G ^^^
{not the designers}

^^^ Sweet Demps ^^^

^^^ GG with her boys ^^^

 ^^^ M sharing with G ^^^

^^^ Macklin on his exercise ball ^^^

^^^ The babes with their Momma Gigi ^^^

^^^ Baby girl had a hard time sleeping Saturday. ^^^
For the majority of her nap that day, 
I stood by her crib with my hand ready to pop her paci back in her mouth.

^^^ Macklin's first selfie ^^^

^^^ Sitting all by her pretty little self on the couch ^^^

^^^ Macklin reminds me so much of my bro in this picture ^^^
Look at how GG adores him!

^^^ Nighttime handholding ^^^

^^^ Driving by the wind farms on our way home ^^^

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