Friday, November 1, 2013


For Greta's first Halloween,
we decided to keep things simple, with a hint of cliche.
She went to daycare as Minnie Mouse yesterday,
but due to some predicted inclement weather 
they moved their Halloween celebration to today.

I made her white tutu from a yard of tulle cut into thin strips
and knotted onto a stretchy headband (the kind you wear to workout).
The eyes are just cut from black foam
and taped onto her onesie.
Easy peasy.

Maybe next year we will put more thought and effort into her costume,
but considering I can't eat any of the candy this year due to all our current food allergies
and she will be in bed before the bulk of trick-or-treaters head out,
it just didn't seem worth it this year.

Happy Halloween, again!!

P.S. Minnie's date with Mickey was fun.
The date started strong with lots of curious excitement.
Mickey definitely took the lead and pursued Minnie.
At first, she was flattered and possibly interested,
but that was quickly trumped by distracting hunger pangs and tiredness.

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Elizabeth @Port Of Thoughts said...

Love her little costume! How creative! Anytime tulle is involved...I'm in!