Sunday, November 3, 2013


^^^ Student-made Halloween treats for my 3rd period ^^^

^^^ When bored, ^^^
I sketch and dream of having uber-long hair.

^^^ "Hi!" ^^^
from sleepy-eyes and her giraffe.

^^^ GG's hair is getting longer!!!!!! ^^^
We almost have a functional reason behind our headband obsession.

^^^ While waiting on Dr. Pearson for her 6 mod. checkup, ^^^
Greta was enthralled by Alvin and his gang.

^^^ That, and she remembered her old friends, Zany, Lady, and Shelby! ^^^

^^^ My sleepy beauty in her pink. ^^^

^^^ We have officially started the solids over here. ^^^
The other night, I pureed a squash, a couple of sweet potatoes, and a few peaches, and pears,
and then froze them in silicone ice trays.
Once the purees were frozen, 
I popped the cubes out and stored them in labeled bags.

So far, GG has eaten rice cereal, avocado, sweet potato, and squash
and is having a ball {can't you tell?}. 
She gets SOO excited to eat, we can hardly warm it up fast enough for her. 

^^^ Cold War Kids at Headliners ^^^
rocked my freakin' face off Friday night!

^^^ Yesterday, I joined the women of my church ^^^
at an all-day conference about wisdom.

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