Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fine Print

This woman, she speaks my language.

Carol was honestly the single most encouraging person to me post-c-section.
Her second, Collier, and my first, Greta,
were born on the same day in the same hospital.
We recovered just rooms away from each other. 
Alex, Carol, and her husband, Drew, 
actually went to college together at Wake Forest,
but I had never had the pleasure of meeting sweet Carol
until the day after our babes were born.

I have not written about Greta's birth because 
it has left me truly humbled, and honestly, pretty speechless.
It was brutal.
It was harder than hard.
Looking back on those 5 days spent in the hospital and a visit to the ER, 
I can't seem to find the words that would accurately describe
the immense pain, the immense joy, and the immense frustration
that came of that beautiful day.
I had a couple of complications that muddled my "experience" of having a child.
And you know who I turned to in my darkest hours?
Sweet, just-met-her-in-my pajamas Carol.

While I am sure she has counseled so many women
 through the brutiful experience that is a c-section,
I feel like she was directly referring to me in her quote below:

I mourn AND rejoice for my c-sections and I am called to do the same for others – 
for I know the heart of a c-section. 
 I check-in.  I talk openly about the gross details of the after-math. 
 I name the rational and irrational feelings I had.  
And I hold the hope when others are too lost in the pain of recovery – 
preaching the good news that beautiful new life is born from the death of our expectations 
and the endurance through the long nights.

And, I am here to say, YES, CAROL, YES! 
for preaching to me when I was lost in pain.
for holding onto hope for me when I could not.
for your transparency toward me and to others.
It is a gift.

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Anonymous said...

You are too sweet. I am no greater than you, just a baby ahead of you who knew the brutal gift of a c-section and got the honor of walking alongside you (or should I say SLOWLY walking leaning on the baby bassinet) during the birth of my second. I'm just grateful for a God who transforms hard events into beautiful friendship. Grateful for life's surprises - you, Alex, and Greta being one of my favorites.