Monday, December 2, 2013


^^^ I might be biased, but this little girl of mine is the prettiest of sleepers. ^^^

^^^ Who am I kidding? She is the prettiest of all the awakers, too! ^^^
Princess GG was pumped to see her family over the long Thanksgiving weekend.
Here she sits on her throne, awaiting to be fed her newest favorite: apples.

^^^ We started the family festivities Wednesday evening ^^^
by celebrating my cousin, Ethan's, birthday,
along with the first night of Hanukah!

^^^ Thursday, we celebrated Thanksgiving in Indy ^^^
with the usual clan, which now {with all the children} includes 30+ relatives,
hence, the double turkey. 
And, Mimi is actually not pointing out that there are two turkeys in this picture,
but rather, giving her usual peace sign when photographed.
When we are lucky, she does her duck lips too!

^^^ There was a lot of baby swapping, photo taking, wrestling, and snoozing ^^^
on our joyous Thanksgiving day.

^^^ Friday, Macklin brought his family over to play choo-choo with baby GG + Momma Gigi ^^^



^^^ In addition to playing choo-choos, ^^^
we also played another round of baby swap, tickling through the tunnels, and drums!


^^^ On Saturday, we continued in our Hanukah fun. ^^^
Macklin was a mad man;
 entertained the whole evening by the month-old, slighty-deflated balloons
leftover from a previous party.

^^^ GG's been kickin' it Dorothy style thanks to her Hanukah gift from cousin Ethan. ^^^
Can you even handle the patent leather cap-toe? 
I die.

^^^ Alex, Greta, and I went to church Sunday morning ^^^
to begin the Advent season.

^^^ Also on Sunday, GG received this heartthrob's picture ^^^
via the text message.
Little Row is moving to France next month,
and wanted GG to have his picture cribside.
{He's such a thoughtful dude!}
 The two littles have been courting each other for the majority of their lives.
I expect it to be a difficult transition come January,
but, ya know, it's never bad to have friends in France.
Guess we will just have to come visit, 
for the love birds' sake.

^^^ Later Sunday evening, we kept the dreidels a spinning' ^^^
by celebrating another night of Hanukah with extended family.
GG was the youngest there and was oohed and ahhed over 
by her very sweet and very adoring cousins.

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