Thursday, January 30, 2014


Greta is obsessed with orange peels.
She squeals over them!
If she sees one, it must go everywhere with her ...
… the bathtub, the changing table.
 She would take them to bed with her if we allowed it.
They are truly her new best friend.
{Just don't tell Sophie!}


I was totally corrected by a student on what 
I thought was a double high-five emoji.
Turns out this means "preach".
So sorry if I have sent you "preach"
when you have done something well or awesome.
I was not making fun,
just being a novice emoji user thinking I was giving you double fives!
In looking up the "preach" emoji, 
I discovered all kinds of meanings for
 the icons that I had totally misunderstood and/or misused.
For example, this one, and definitely this one.


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