Thursday, February 6, 2014


Every day at work I pump during lunch.
I am not going to lie, it is not my favorite time of day.
I love the peace and quiet that comes with being in a secluded closet,
but feeling like a heifer while the buzz of teenage chatter and hallway shenanigans
whizzes through my ears {in addition to the constant and 
quite lovely weee--wooo--weee-wooo sound that the pump supplies}
... not so much.

As if pumping at work wasn't awkward enough,
add in the complicated wardrobe factor.
I try my hardest to look professional while
also having easy access to the … uh … goods.
With it being so darn cold lately, I have had to layerlayerlayer.
Well those layerlayerlayers become quite the pain in the ____
when trying to attach oneself to a milk machine.

I have done a pretty good job this school year
figuring out a pumping-friendsly wardrobe.
My favorite solution has been the classic button-up
because it keeps my back warm while
providing the easiest access to the front.

I was going about my usual business last week,
wearing a button-up and cardigan
(double the layers with just as easy access),
when I must have cleaned up just a little too quickly.

I didn't notice until MUCH MUCH later that I had left my button-up
without a single button buttoned up!
Thank the good Lord I had a shirt on underneath
and just looked like a cool kid from the 90's
with my open cardigan, open button-up.
But, golly geez, I dread the day when I am not wearing
layerlayerlayer and forget to button myself up.

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