Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Monthly Checkup


Holy Cow! How has it been 10 months since you were born, baby girl?
Time is flying, and we sure are having fun!!

This month has seriously been a ball!!

You now consistently say, "Dadadada" and/or "Daddy" whenever you see Alex 
(usually accompanied by a full-body expression of your excitement -- 
I mean the legs get pumping, the arms get flapping, girl!)
We are working on the "M" word, and to your credit, 
you have been saying "Mom-mom" quite a bit lately,
but for a long time everyone was just "dada".

You are standing with great strength but not much balance.
Still no crawling this month.
But you have gotten up on your hands and knees and rocked,
so I think we are getting close to having a mobile child.

You are getting attached to your new stroller buddy, Lala,
and you still keep close tabs on Sophie and your paci, of course.

Unfortunately, this past month did bring about your first round of antibiotics.
You had a double ear-infection and pink eye in both eyes earlier this month.
It nearly broke my heart seeing you in so much pain and agony.

For that week you lost your appetite almost completely,
but since, it has come roaring back.
You are eating up a storm. 
You are still loving your fruits and veggies,
and your favorite is still pureed fish or beef.
But now you are also eating puffs and cooked pasta!

We love life with you, sweet girl.
Happy 10 months!

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