Monday, February 24, 2014

Scrapbook: Friday's Field Trip

On Friday my colleague and I took 40 students
on a field trip to view the juried Scholastic art show.

We had more than a handful of students whose work was on display,
so it was really fun watching their faces light up when they saw either their own work
or the work of their peers in the exhibit.

If you know me at all, then you know that this day could not go without a hitch.

With NOHS being out in rural suburbia, 
to get anywhere takes a little bit of time.
After our 30 minute commute to our first destination,
we unloaded the bus, said good-bye to the bus driver, labeled all 40 students 
with the appropriate "Visitor" stickers, and had just released them to explore
the various rooms with work on display,
when a very calm voice came over the loud speaker to announce,
"Excuse me, but everyone needs to evacuate the building immediately.
Everyone, please, step outside now."

The building had a gas leak.
And, of course, the bus was nowhere to be found.

Thank the good Lord the bus driver had NOT decided to go get a donut 
and had just pulled around back to park.
We loaded the students back up on the bus and after being at our first stop for less than 10 minutes,
we decided to scrap our original schedule and head downtown to 21c.

We had a tour of the museum set up for 1:00 that day,
but arrived, oh you know, just three hours early!
I explained the situation to the sweet lady at the front desk
and she so graciously asked our tour guide to accommodate us.

Lo, and behold, if our guide wasn't a girl I went to high school with!!
Susanna is awesome!
She gave the best tour and our students were so engaged.

^^^ The talented Susanna, ^^^
doing what she do!!

Then we made our way across the street to KMAC
where some of our students had work being displayed.
KMAC was so kind to allow us a few hours early, as well.
The students loved seeing their work in such a professional setting
and enjoyed the other exhibits as well.

^^^ The above images are gold key Scholastic winners ^^^
{Just to be clear, none are my students' work}

^^^ Wood carvings by Columbus, OH artist, ^^^
Elijah Pierce

^^^ Painted quilts by Denise Furnish ^^^

^^^ I am OBSESSED with this piece! ^^^
I am thinking a little DIY experiment 
might need to happen as a result of seeing this piece.

From KMAC we let our students loose at 4th Street Live
to grab a bite to eat.
While at lunch, my fellow chaperone called our first locale
to ask if the leak had been fixed and thankfully it had!
So, from lunch we headed back to our original destination
and got to see much more student work on display.

^^^ Scholastic silver key work ^^^

^^^ My student, Mary's, soft sculpture ^^^

^^^ My student, Garrison's, architectural piece ^^^

^^^ Not my student's work, but one of my favorites from the show ^^^

Overall, it was a full day,
but so much fun!!

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Alyson Johnson said...

I wish I could have been a student on your field trip! Looks like so much fun!