Monday, February 10, 2014

Scrapbook: Jenna's Baby Shower

Saturday was a sweet day
spent showering a dear friend of mine.

Jenna is the sweetest, most wonderful woman.
I can only imagine how sweet and how wonderful
her little nugget, Anna Claire, will be when we finally
get to meet her this April.

Greta Grace is SUPER pumped about her bestie's arrival.
She is secretly hoping Anna Claire is born on her birthday
so they can have joint birthday parties every year.
But I told GG that we better not tell sweet Jenna that, 
because that would mean she would be 6 days past her due date…
and no pregnant lady ever wants that wished upon her!!

I am so thankful for the friendship and love 
that God has blessed me with through Jenna.

^^^ Rifle Paper Co. banner ^^^
Isn't Anna Claire the sweetest name?

^^^ My two morning helpers ^^^
before the other co-hosts arrived.

^^^ DIY yogurt parfaits ^^^

^^^ Donut holes + Strawberry skewers ^^^

^^^ Jenna's mom with Anna Claire's bestie ^^^

^^^ Kristen, Elizabeth, & Vanessa ^^^

^^^ Anna Claire is already spoiled rotten ^^^

^^^ Ashley, Lauren, Macy, Emily, & Meredith ^^^

^^^ Our one game ^^^
Each guest brought a hair accessory for Anna Claire
and Jenna had to guess who it was from.
It was much harder than we had anticipated!
Sorry Jenna!!

^^^ Molly, Mimi, & Sissy ^^^

^^^ Greta Grace hamming it up with Carson ^^^

^^^ Macy showing off her mad coffee-carrying skills ^^^

^^^ Amanda, Ashley, & Lauren ^^^

^^^ One of the cutest gifts ^^^
Jenna is a super talented photographer.
Now, Anna Claire can be just like her momma 
and carry her camera with her wherever she goes.

^^^ Ashley, Macy, Emily, Meredith, Laura, & Chelsea ^^^

^^^ Another sweet, sweet gift, ^^^
from Jenna's mom, was a layette embroidered with the Eiffel Tower.
It was so sweet I think we all about died when she opened it!

^^^ This was also such a thoughtful gift. ^^^
Blake's sister, Molly, got Anna Claire four different Dr. Seuss books
with matching stuffed animals. 

^^^ A no (girl) baby shower would be complete ^^^
without embroidered bloomers!

^^^ As favors, we put yellow jellybeans in a small jar ^^^
labeled with a tag that reminded guests to pray for Jenna's little "bean".

^^^ The ever-so-talented Carson ^^^
did all the calligraphy for the tags.

^^^ Jenna with her hostesses ^^^

^^^ It was such a pleasure hosting with these lovely ladies for our dear friend, Jenna! ^^^

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