Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Trend to Try: Layered Turtlenecks

It is no secret that this winter has been brutally cold.

And if you have ever met my Mimi,
then you know the women in my family
already run on the chilly side.
We never leave home without a sweater,
even if its 100* outside with 100% humidity.
It's something we bond over.

So, this winter has quite literally left me shivering to the bone.
I mean, yesterday, I taught in my winter coat.
And I was wearing a tank top, turtleneck, and jacket underneath!
AND, I was STILL cold!
It's just awful.

So, when I saw this picture on Pinterest,
Fashion World: Fall in love with this Street Style
I thought to myself,
Now that is a trend I can try!


Despite all the Spring lines being released in stores recently,
you will find me shivering right by and dutifully rockin' the double turtleneck
through the rest of this season.

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