Monday, February 17, 2014

Scrapbook: Valentine's Day Weekend

^^^ GG getting festive in her new heart poncho ^^^
She wore a pink outfit inclusive of a heart every day last week
to celebrate the big v-day!

^^^ February's homework (for daycare) ^^^
"I'm a sweetheart because..."

^^^ Friday, Greta's class was supposed to have a Valentine's day party ^^^
but her teacher had to get a root canal. Ouch!
Despite the party being canceled, the babes still exchanged some valentines.

She brought applesauce labeled with a little star-shaped compliment
 for all her teachers and classmates.

^^^ Daddy didn't have to work Wednesday, ^^^
so he got some pre-v-day cuddles with his Valentine.

^^^ We celebrated v-day on Saturday ^^^
because, well honestly, because Fridays are just too damn exhausting.
We spent most of the day at home with our sweet Valentine
but the day did include a leisurely trip to Target.
It was perfect.

^^^ Oh, and my newest paintings ^^^
that I have made for people that I love this week.

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