Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Austin, Texas is one cool town.

Over Memorial Day,
my cousins, Brooke and Cara, and I traveled 
down to this hipster city for a birthday/girls weekend.

Cara turned 27 on May 25th,
Brooke turns 24 on the 30th,
and I turn 28 on June 11th.

I love how our birthdays are so close together,
but even if they weren't, it was still a great chance to 
celebrate each other's company and just being together.
Our relationship has always been more sisterly than that of cousins.
But with full-time jobs, boyfriends and a husband, and little GG in the mix now,
it's been hard to snag some quality time together.
This was the perfect getaway to do just that.

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Blair said...

Looks like such a fun trip! You three look gorgeous in the pic of the wine cheers :)