Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday's Favorite Find

Today I purchased my new favorite foundation.
I was looking for something light enough to wear in the heat,
but heavy enough to cover my uneven skin tone and dark under eye circles.

 Physicians CC cream is perfectly in the middle 
with excellent coverage but without suffocating my pores.
And, it has SPF 30 to boot!!

Most foundations that mix in sunscreen
leave me feeling like a waxed bowling ball… 
slick, slippery, and shiny.
Not really the look I am going for on my face.
But once I put it on,
I honestly couldn't tell there was sunscreen in the Physicians CC cream.

Even though I am no longer pregnant or breastfeeding,
I am still getting "pregnancy mask" around my eyes whenever I step out in the sun.
{I hope you read the last sentence with the overflowing joy 
that I feel about having this lovely lingering hormonal side effect.}
I opted for the CC cream because it claims to cover any discoloration.
I must say, it lives up to its promise.

I feel like I could go on and on about this cream.
I seriously love this stuff! 

Have you had any favorite finds lately?

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