Monday, July 14, 2014

Scrapbook: Boston

I had the fortunate experience of touring Boston over the weekend.

I am planning a student trip to NYC for next summer, 
and this weekend was my leader training. 
EF tours hosted this teacher weekend in their hometown of Boston 
to serve as a hands-on learning experience for their group leaders.  
I left Boston absolutely in love with the city, 
inspired to travel with my students, and with a fierce loyalty to EF America.

The trip was a whirlwind, packed to the brim.  
In order to keep things simple (and for my own sanity’s sake) 
I am going to post about the trip over the course of this week, 
breaking down each day in separate posts.

Without further ado, Friday:

I left Louisville bright and early and arrived in Boston just before noon. 
An EF consultant was there waiting for me and even texted me the second I landed 
to inform me of her whereabouts. 
Once I hooked up with her, we went to the meeting spot for the other teachers
 that had arrived and there we waited for more teachers to arrive. 
The hour or so that we spent in the airport waiting went quickly 
as conversation was easy between all the teachers from across the country. 
(I am convinced teachers from far and wide could carry on for hours. 
Our profession just brings a unique bond with it, much akin to motherhood.) 
We left the airport and went to our hotel, the Wyndham in Beacon Hill, 
to drop off our luggage before going on a walking tour 
of Quincy Market, Boston Commons, parts of the Freedom Trail, and Back Bay.

 ^^^ John Kerry's home ^^^

After our walking tour, we had time to freshen up in our hotel rooms and then headed out to dinner. 
We were a very large group (near 100 teachers), so we split into two groups. 
Half went to Summer Shack and half went to Artu. 
I was in the group that headed to Summer Shack. It was delicious! 
I had bluefish with rice and it was really, really good!

After dinner, we walked to the Prudential building and 
went up to the Skydeck for a 360* view of Boston at night. 
It was a glorious view of the city lit up.

That evening we all crashed early.

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