Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Scrapbook: Boston

Saturday we had a morning full of classes regarding our upcoming trips. 
The sessions were direct, informative, and inspiring. 
We all left the sessions encouraged, full of ideas, and with much more confidence
to lead our students on an EF tour.

After our morning sessions, we went to Harvard Square for lunch and a campus tour. 
I was geeking out, y’all. 
I’m not really sure why, but I bought a $40 Harvard shirt from the bookstore. 
SO NOT LIKE ME. But, I just had to have it!
We were at  H A R V A R D !

Harvard (or should I say, Ha-vaaad) is gorgeous, slightly pretentious, but absolutely lovely. 

The surrounding area, called the Harvard Square, was buzzing with activity. 
I found the one and only Curious George store in the heart of the square 
and bought a couple of books for GG.

From Harvard Square we visited the north side of Boston.  
We first visited the Paul Revere house and then went to see Old North Church, 
which was built in 1723. 
Just outside of the church was a powerful installation
commemorating the fallen soldiers of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.
We were all taken aback by this beautiful, yet haunting piece.

The church itself was full of box pews, something I had never heard of nor seen before. 
In order to keep the church attenders warm in the winter, 
the guide informed us that the boxes were purchased by members of the congregation 
and each family brought their own space heater 
which they would place it inside their personally decorated box 
to keep from shivering in the winter months.

From there we walked to Top Hill burial grounds and rested near the Charles River.

Before dinner, a select few of us decided to visit the site of the Boston Massacre at the old state house.
I didn’t realize this, but our guide told us that a massacre is "just" a killing of unarmed individuals.
 I had always mistakenly believed it had to do with the number of people killed,
not whether they were armed or not.
I guess you learn something everyday!

Dinner was at Faneuil Hall in Quincy Market. 
Each person was given a voucher that had an assortment 
of restaurant and meal combinations we could choose from. 
I chose sushi. 
We had plenty of time to explore the shops 
and enjoy some AH-MAAAZING street performances.

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