Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday's Favorites

This adorable list of dorm room essentials makes me almost wish to be a freshman again.
Almost being the operative word here.
(I was a homesick fool that first year of college.)
But, seriously, dorm room decor is above and beyond 
what it was ten years ago!
Rugs, throw pillows, sheep skins.

And how clever is this?!
I might put that idea to use in my classroom,
or heck, even in our new home
instead of paying for expensive frames.


These earrings make me salivate (even if they are clip-ons) every time I see them,
but that price tag makes my eyes water and heart palpitate … but not in the good way.
Here are a few similar options (although not nearly as drool-worthy)
 that don't quite knock the wind out of my budget.

I love how bright these and these are.
These emerald beauties aren't beaded but they do make a statement.

And, here you can rent the originals for a fraction of the cost.


Also, I am dying over this pineapple lamp.

I found it on Pinterest but when I clicked through to the original source (Zara)
it was no longer available.

Pier 1 has a cute option and so does Walmart surprisingly.

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