Wednesday, August 20, 2014

^^^ Today 150+ students will walk into my classroom ^^^
with an array of emotions toward the upcoming school year.

Some will be nervous ... like me.
Some will be excited ... like me.
Some will be dreading the many weeks of early mornings ... like me.

Despite the arousal of many anxious thoughts, fears of the unknown,
and the intimidation of the start of yet another school year,
I am really really looking forward to today. 

I can't wait to see the familiar faces of returning students,
the similar faces of sibling students,
and the new faces of students I've never had before.

This year my schedule is absolutely crazy!
I will continue to teach Art 1 and
3D Art + AP Art in the same class periods,
but will now add Photography I to my course load.
Since I have never taught photography before, 
I have opted out of my planning period to study under
our photography teacher during that hour 
(thank goodness I am not pumping anymore!)

With all the busyness and my hectic schedule,
I know one thing for sure.
I must be intentional.
Intentional about the time I protect for my family.
Intentional about the relationships I build with my students.
Intentional about time management and priorities.
But most importantly, intentional about my attitude toward each and every day.
I am absolutely blessed to do what I do,
and this year, with all its craziness, is no exception.
I am one lucky gal to teach in such a fabulous school,
with such amazing students, 
focusing on content that I am 100% passionate about.

2014-2015 school year,
I am ready to rock 'n' roll!!

(I can't wait to keep you updated on student work and lessons. Stay tuned!)

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