Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday's Favorites

I was supposed to pack up the car and drive 8+ hours to Richmond, VA
today after school
to spend the long weekend with one of my besties, Kelly,
and all of her besties to celebrate her 30th birthday!
Sadly, a family emergency is causing the weekend to be postponed.


This list of Friday Faves is in her honor.
She is a lady of classic black, animal print, and loves a punch of neon.
Oh, and that girl can wear her a statement necklace! 

* * *

Happy birthday, Kelly!
All of these things remind me of you:

This would be the absolute PERFECT birthday gift for her.
Why did I not find it until now!?
Neon. Monogram. Duh.

I mean, how fun is this necklace!?!
And this one… I die. For $6!!! Give it to me!

Kelly is responsible for my love of all things Jack.
And, now I am absolutely obsessed with these, these, these
and these (they are totally NOHS colors).
One can never have too many Jack Rogers, right?

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