Saturday, August 30, 2014

Student Work: AP Summer Assignments

I definitely owe y'all a scrapbook post from the last month, 
heck probably from the whole summer.
But life, in a nutshell, has been batsh*t crazy!!
We have been superdupersuper busy.
We sold and bought a house, moved, traveled.
Greta has started walking and talking and fake-laughing.
And, now I have started another school year.


Before I catch you up on all things life,
I want to show off some of my AP student's summer assignments.
This year's crew is off to a great start.
I can N O T wait to see what else they create this year!

^^^ Slade's deconstructed styrofoam cups ^^^

 ^^^ Madison's metal globe ^^^

^^^ Kainat's flower made of spoons ^^^

^^^ Sydney's paper pear ^^^

^^^ Mary's paper necklace ^^^

^^^ Lucas' altered book ^^^

^^^ Lindsay's paper ring ^^^

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